Sailfish Vibrant herr 2019
Sailfish Vibrant herr 2019

Sailfish Vibrant herr 2019

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Sailfish Vibrant 2019

Maximal flytkraft kombinerad med god rörlighet. Den perfekta dräkten för den krävande nybörjaren inom triathlon och simning i öppet vatten.

"Longlife cell neoprene" i tjocklek från 1,5 mm över axlar och armar för bra rörlighet till 4 mm över lår och bröst för högt vattenläge. På Vibrant har vattenläget förbättrats på det hela taget. Kragens skärning sänkts något. Passformen på överkroppen har förbättrats och komforten är behagligare. Levereras i en meshbag.

Om din vikt ligger i överkant inom ett storleksintervall, välj då storlek uppåt.

OBS: Våra Sailfish produkter har normalt en leveranstid på 5-7 arbetsdagar. Kontakta gärna oss gällande aktuell produkt och för leveransdatum. 

Sailfish produktegenskaper 

Yamamoto SCS Nanoskin-Neopren
(available with sailfish one and sailfish attack models)
This revolutionary version of Yamamoto rubber truly sets the standard in high-tech neoprene technology. Its under water coefficient of dynamic friction is 0,0026 compared to 4,0 of regular neoprene materials. neoprene rubber by Yamamoto has unbelievable features when in water. Its dynamic water resistant coefficient under water is just 0,026 compared to 4,0 of normal neoprene rubber material. In addition, Nano SCS rubber also contains more air bubbles than standard neoprene for more buoyancy. Taking all attributes into account, less friction and more buoyancy translate into faster swim times.

Longlife-Cell Neopren
(available with sailfish vibrant model)
Longlife-Cell is a brand new neoprene technology developed by sailfish wetsuits. It entails an amazing 4-way stretch combined with our Longlife coating which prevents finger nail and other cuts. The result is an extremely durable and highly elastic neoprene material which sticks to the body like a second skin and provides the athlete with superior buoyancy.

Ultra-Softstretch inner liner
(available with sailfish one model)
Ultra-Softstretch is the most flexible inner liner you can imagine. It provides you with an unprecedented range of motion and flexibility when combined with our superior outside neoprene material. Ultra-Softstretch hardly takes on any water, so the wetsuit remains very light and formidably smooth to the skin.

Softstretch inner liner
(available with sailfish attack model))
This inner liner was specially designed for the sailfish attack. It uses a similar stretch technology as our ultra-softstretch material and provides excellent range of motion and flexibility.

Softskin inner liner
(available with sailfish vibrant model)
Thanks to this highly elastic, jersey-like inner liner, our sailfish vibrant model is the entry level model with the greatest comfort in the market. You will feel very comfortable swimming with this material and it will cut extra time in the transition area because of its quick release capabilities.

ErgoFit Cut
(available with sailfish one and sailfish attack model)
Our sailfish one and sailfish attack models were designed and manufactured using computerized ErgoFit Cut which basically fits the suit exactly to your body?s proportions.

SuperBalance Side Panel
(available with all sailfish models)
In close cooperation with triathlon professionals as well as pure beginners to the sport we have developed the SuperBalance Side Panel which provides the athlete with more stability for their stroke than ever before. The Side Panels on all sailfish suits consist of an extra buoyant neoprene material which helps to keep your body in a balanced water position.

PowerSlide zipper
(available with all sailfish models)
This newly designed, hydrodynamic zipper has no outside seam and hardly allows any water inflow.

GripTight collar
(available with all sailfish models)
All our models are equipped with a collar which is based on our GripTight technology. This technology prevents water inflow around your neck. Its soft material allows you to visualize your surroundings during open water swims without hurting your skin.

AquaReach Zone
(available with all sailfish models)
The area under both forearms features the so called AquaReach Zone, a textured panel of neoprene rubber increasing under water arm stroke efficiency through higher friction.